About us

Digital Brain Factory was founded in 2011 by Michael Hoffer and Gillian Queisser. DBFs mission is to invent mobile research that is accessible to everyone. We strive to channel complex research material into easy to use and interactive mobile applications. 

Currently, there exists a linear chronology to becoming a researcher, including School, University Studies, PhD theses etc. until curious and eager individuals can discover new things and tell the world about them. DBF changes this approach. Our mobile applications intend to bring high level research to the broadest possible community. From the student who is fascinated by the nervous system in biology class to the father who has read about new advances in Brain Science in his daily newspaper, now everyone is provided access to the world of research.


The Founders of Digital Brain Factory

Michael Hoffer

Michael Hoffer is currently doing his PhD at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt, Germany. His research interests are developing Visual Programming Concepts in the field of Modeling and Simulation of highly complex physical processes.

Gillian Queisser

Gillian Queisser is currently holding a Junior Professorship for Computational Neuroscience at the Computer Science and Math department at the Goethe-University of Frankfurt, Germany. His research interests lie in investigating signal processing in nerve cells.